Stay tuned for Clarion releases

The ClarionTM is an accessible, digital musical instrument already played by hundreds of young disabled musicians in the National Open Youth Orchestra and Open Orchestras. It is currently being developed by charity Open Up Music for wider release in 2024, so it can be used in more special and mainstream schools, and by musicians of all ages. It will first be available to arts and education organisations for volume purchasing. 

ABRSM is also working on making the Clarion the first ever electronic instrument to be assessed through its Open Music Assessment.

Browse this introduction website to discover some of the Clarion’s awesome features. They've made it possible for ensemble music-making to become truly inclusive.  And of course, sign up to receive updates about releases!

Watch the Clarion being played two ways

Winner of the 2020 Tech4Good Accessibility Award, the Clarion adapts to the access needs of musicians.

Watch National Open Youth Orchestra player Alessandro Vazzana play a fragment of ‘Soaring through Sparks’ by Michael Betteridge with a head tracker (ABRSM film). 

Then watch how the same fragment can be played with a hand. The Clarion can also be played with eye movement using Eyegaze.

Make the Clarion your own and be creative with music

The Clarion can be customised in so many ways. Notes, which are represented on screen by different coloured shapes can be adapted to your preferences, including their position on screen for ease of playing. Choose between 13 high-quality instrument sounds to play.

Compose your own musical patterns. You don't have to read notation to use the Clarion but you can follow a score if you want. Many Clarion users play by ear or just play the patterns in any order they like.

It's simple to use, and quick to set up. You can download the Clarion on your iPads and Windows PC and start playing within 5 minutes... but it will take practice and musicianship to play it well!